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 Tourist and business map of Sihanoukville
Advertising in Sihanoukville 


Format: A2 (420x594 mm)
Printing run: 3500 copies / 3 months.
Distribution: supermarkets, hotels, guesthouses, shops, restaurants and bars in Sihanoukville.

Advertising rates:

1 module (color, 100x60 mm) - $95
2 modules (color, 100x124 mm) - $180
3 modules (color, 100x188 mm) - $260

Discount for repeat customers: 10%.

Please contact our sales representative for advertising placement:
Tel: +855 979701475

Do you operate a business in Sihanoukville? 

The Sihanoukville Tourist Map is probably the simplest and most efficient way to advertise your hotel, restaurant or souvenir shop. The Tourist Map of Sihanoukville contains over 100 hotels and guesthouses, over 150 bars and restaurants, banks with ATM, shops, markets, entertainment venues and internet cafes; as well as other businesses and places of interest. Everything of interest to the tourist is included on our map.

We carefully update the data on the map on a regular basis. Please contact us for ad placement, and additional information.

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